Radio-Controlled (RC) - Concours and Track Competition!

This year we’re again planning two events to delight the “young” and “age-challenged” competitors at this must-do Parade activity:


RC Concours will be held on Monday, June 20th


RC Track Race on Tuesday, June 21st


The R/C Concours will have a display at the concours site at the “Clubhouse Portico”. Come on into the shade & vote, we’re sure to have prime mini Porsche models on display! On Monday afternoon our “expert” judging panel will choose their winner, and a People’s Choice ballot will be available for all. Awards will be announced later in the day on Monday. Polish up your favored mini, and let our “expert” judging panel critique that radio-powered body!


The R/C Track Race will be held at the Tramside Patio next to the Ice Cream Social. We will run in heats of 3 – 5 cars each, providing competition for drivers and entertainment for our spectators.


To be eligible for awards, RC versions must be a replica of a full-sized “real” Porsche. All years and models can be entered, including unique Porsche powered race cars, such as the Lotus-Porsche, March GTP, Porsche Indy cars, etc. Very special Porsches, such as tractors, and autobody movie replicas are also welcome. Due to varied participation in this event, classes may need to be revised at the time of the event. We will do our best to provide optimal competition with fairness to all competitors. Again-only Porsche body styles are permitted to enter.

Interest permitting, we can also run a toy class. This is defined as a pre-assembled model, not designed for rebuild or significant upgrade by part replacement, and not smaller than 1:12. If there are enough entries, this class may be divided by car size/scale.