Michelin Drive &Compare

Michelin is excited to once again join the PCA in Jay Peak, Vermont for 2016 Parade. This year, Michelin and PCNA have worked together to offer members a Drive and Compare they will not want to miss. 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolets will be the vehicle of choice equipped with PDK transmission, as well as Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires....well, front tires.

The Drive and Compare will be setup for members to drive a 911 equipped with Michelin tires on one axle, and a competitor brand on the other axle. Although we are aware that mixing brands, or even tread designs, is not ideal, we want you to experience first hand how the vehicle performs when mixing its shoes. As in the past, we will have our product experts on hand, as well as our test drivers to facilitate and support your inquiries at the demonstration.

This event is for Parade registrants only so please remember to bring your Parade name badge when you join us! Come and enjoy some time with us and experience how THE RIGHT TIRE CHANGES EVERYTHING™.

Michelin is a very generous sponsor for Parade and we’re very appreciative of the support they provide for this event. They always come to Parade prepared to give participants the chance to experience why Porsche selects Michelin for their vehicles. Sure, they want you to learn about their tires, but they also like to see how much fun everyone has in trying out the cars.

We will hold the event on Wednesday & Thursday of Parade week at the Newport Airport, a short drive from the Jay Peak Resort. We'll have LOTS of space and this is going to be LOTS of fun!