PCA and Parade Governance Meetings

PCA Board of Directors Meeting

The annual Porsche Parade, besides being the great time it is as we all meet our friends from all over the country, is also the occasion when members can attend the summer meeting of the PCA Board of Directors. The meeting is generally held in the host hotel on the first day of Parade (Sunday) before the Welcome Social and Party and is open to all PCA members. You'll hear reports from all the chairs and also be able to participate in discussions on whatever hot topics might be going on at the time. Be sure to look closely at the Parade schedule to see what time and in which room the meeting will take place.

Parade Governance and Volunteer Meetings

Because of the competitive nature of some of our events, such as the Autocross, TSD Rally, Concours d'Elegance, and Tech Quiz, we have fairly stringent rules and a team of people who write and administer them. If you're interested in participating as a concours judge, rally check-point worker, corner-worker, or tech-quiz volunteer, you'll need to know the protocols and procedures. Be sure to check the Parade Schedule to see when these committees meet.