“Time is one of the few things man cannot influence. We all have a desire to create something that will show we were here. That we did something of value. Of course, timeless design is wasted if it cannot survive.”


                                                                                    - Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche


Welcome to the 2016 Porsche Parade Art Show!


2016 kicks off my second year as Chair of the Art Show. First, I want to thank all the artists that participated in last year’s art show in French Lick! There were a lot of changes to the show and how it was run to navigate, and not surprisingly there were a few growing pains, but without some effort there can no growth. And, grow we did!


There was such an exciting and diverse body of works to exhibit to the PCA membership in French Lick! In particular, I want to commend the artists that embraced the Recycle, Re-Use, and Re-Art category. As environmental conservation and sustainability continue to be at the forefront of our global dialogue about how we need to live and create. I urge you to produce something for this category!


Just because you make a smaller carbon imprint does not mean your art will have less impact.


Last year we launched the Curated division of the Parade Art Show. The Curated show was designed to draw the artwork of professional fine artists, commercial artists, and automotive designers from around the world to display art pieces of the highest caliber inspired by Porsche Culture at Parade. It worked!


We exhibited work from around the globe. We showed paintings from India by Tanay Patel. Photography by Vince Perraud from Paris, and of course, some of our own hometown favorites like painting by Chicago based artist Alex Wakefield and photography from Southern California’s Jeff Zwart.


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce though that due to logistical challenges this year at Jay Peak will NOT be exhibiting the Curated show. Please keep an eye out for it at next year’s Parade!


I look forward to continue working hand-in-hand with you, the artists and PCA membership, to make the Parade Art Show a showcase for amateur and professional artists from around the world to exhibit their work inspired by the edicts of Dr. Ferry Porsche.


As the reach and mission of the Art Show continues to grow it is and exciting time to share your inspiration and vision with your peers at the Parade.


Lastly we will continue manage registration via our Eventbrite online registration page. There you can register for the Amateur Adult/Junior Competition Categories, and the Art Show Reception.


Amateur Art Show Categories, Guidelines and Disclaimer

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***Mail in registrations forms will not be accepted. ***


Let’s create something that will survive together.



                                                                                             Stephen Hens

                                                                                             Art Show Chair




Contact Event Organizer: paradeartshow@gmail.com